Pioneer Herbal Reed Diffusers bring soothing, welcome fragrance at the end of a long day in stables, kennels or in the field. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, sitting rooms. Nine fragrances.













After a day in the stables, kennels or in the field with your animals - no matter how much you love them, you need a soothing, refreshing fragrance to give you a break! We have nine fragrances available in these easy to use reed diffusers that are so economic in use. We have had a test Pioneer Reed Diffuser in a sitting room for 16 months (yes! that is SIXTEEN MONTHS) before we had to renew the supply. No tea lights, or naked flames, no heating oil that can go dry and crack the saucer. Pioneer Reed Diffusers have six sticks that can easily be turned over to help the oils to dissipate. Note that central heating systems may dry the sticks out more often - but just turn them over for a fresh burst of your favourite aroma.
Nine Fragrances available.

SSO-PRD-100 Pioneer Reed Diffuser  £8 + p&p
(refill bottles available on request by email)



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